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The Get Into Law Conference

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The virtual “Get Into Law” conference is designed to help students achieve their dream career in law.  Whether that be a Solicitor, Barrister or Judge, the first thing a student must do is being successful in their application to University.

The conference will give students insight into what a legal career entails and will  provide the building blocks needed to be successful in their application to university.

Held from 9:30am to 2pm via Zoom Meeting, topics that will be covered include, CV building, personal statement writing, the LNAT entrance exam and university interviews.

If you would like some advice before you register give us a ring on the Mentor Helpline number 01530 417299.  

In order to maintain the integrity and enjoyment of aspiring law students and their parents at the conferences, and to improve our robust safeguarding policy, all students under the age of 18, must attend with a parent/guardian or designated responsible adult.

What does the conference offer?

Are you wishing to become a solicitor, a solicitor advocate or a barrister?

The Get into Law Conference is here to help you make an ‘informed decision’ to pursue a career in law.

Choosing a career can be an overwhelming decision, which is why Law Mentor will give you the chance to decide for yourself if this is pathway you would want to take. 

Topics Covered

  1. Life as a law student and a solicitor or barrister (realistic insight into law)
  2. Legal myth-busting and empowering you to achieve your dream!
  3. How competitive is it to ‘get into law’?
  4. What really makes you stand out from the crowd? 
  5. Your application timeline (compartmentalising and working SMART)
  6. CV, extracurricular activities and transferable skills for law
  7. The UCAS form – key components to be aware of
  8. The personal statement (and the academic reference)
  9. Interviews (basics, deeper insights and how to shine)
  10. Entrance exams: LNAT, Cambridge/Oxford Law Exam and their significance.